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2012 Remodelers Showcase Gold Award Winner
Category: Home Rehabilitation $100 - $150k

Gold Award Under $100k

This home was screaming "I'm from the 1980's" and the owners were tired of hearing it. A full rehabilitation was needed to modernize this home. The project consisted of new windows, interior and exterior doors, master and guest bathrooms, kitchen, fireplace-removal, and custom built-ins added functionality and style to the living space. Hardwood floors were installed throughout the house.
Outdated sliding glass doors leading outside from the master bedroom were replaced with windows. While another set of sliding glass doors was converted to a center-hinge French door in the dining area for a more natural flow from the indoor to outdoor living spaces.
The kitchen was updated in the original space using custom cabinets to maximize efficiency. The addition of a stacked cabinet provided pantry space that previously was lacking. Solid countertops and a travertine tile backsplash added the perfect finishing touch.
The old brick fireplace was removed to make room for custom built-in shelves. By using the remaining space left by the fireplace, a matching set of shelves was built on the opposite side of the wall in the garage area. We were able to reuse existing wood doors to fabricate sliding doors to maximize the space in the garage.
Since the homeowners plan to stay in the house for years to come, they decided to make the master bathroom more accessible by removing the tub in exchange for a walk-in shower. The new bathroom shower features 1/2" thick seamless tempered glass doors, ceramic tile, and low-flow fixtures.
After the project was underway, the homeowner remarked about the moisture in the floor near one wall. Upon inspection, it was determined that improper drainage had allowed water to soak into the foundation and would ultimately wreak havoc on any interior projects. To permanently alleviate the problem, a series of drains were installed around the perimeter of the home to prevent any future moisture penetration. Additionally, the wood siding was removed and the exterior walls were waterproofed.
“If I didn't already live here, I wouldn't have recognized my own house" said the homeowner. "We went from outdated, to outstanding!"